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DVDs and Blue Ray productions are loosing popularity. Nevertheless, there still are generations of people who prefer the DVD to everything that has to do with the internet.

The Classic DVD or Blue Ray as movie-, comedy- or showcoverage

The pre-youtube generation still likes to use the small silver plates. Especially in front of the TV it is often more comfortable to just use the DVD Player than searching for content in the web using the radio control for the TV. The Blue Ray btw. isn´t even old yet and is the High Definition pendant to the DVD. So both still have their use.

Video Manuals on Blue Ray or DVD

DVDs can not only contain films or music. Using a complex menu structure you can create easy to navigate interactive DVD manuals that help the user work with your products. We have created those kind of DVD manuals long ago and have saved companies money and resources for their service departement, incresing customer satisfaction at the same time.


If you are considering a DVD or Blue Ray production, get in contact with us, you will be surprised how cost effective those can be produced.

The legendary Kung Fu Show of the chinese Shaolin Monks. The DVD creates easy additional income for the host of the shows. We recorded 6 shows from many angles to bring the viewer with us on stage.

Otto Schenk is a famous Austrian comedian. His target group are mainly (but not only) older people that will buy a DVD rather than look at a webvideo. So selling DVDs is still a good business for him.

Production of a DVD-manual containing 6 languages for a company producing electric muscle stimulators for medical and recreational use. This interactive DVD was produced back in 2004.and is a pioneer for todays videomanuals on Youtube.