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"Making Of" or "Behind the Scenes" videos don´t always have to look handheld. We´ll prove in this video, that it can be done differently.

For the Austrian Wedding Magazine Blütezeit, we were filming a cover shooting with photographer Peter Berger and Ex-Miss-Austria Ex-Miss-Austria Carmen Stamboli. Our job was to create an entertaining film covering all aspects of the shooting.
Usually these types of videos are edited with remaining and unused parts of a video production, or with a small handheld camera. As always we tried a different approach, using steadicam, minidolly cameracrane und timelapsecam.

We filmed more than 500 clips to finally be able to come up with a funny edit. (Due to music license restrictions, we don´t stream the content this time, but link to youtube).

making of video cover shooting

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