Amri Photo

Webvideo production for Kettlebell-Austria-Owner Gottfried Kürmer. The special thing about this video is the use of plain white background - also known from the famous videos of Apple. While Apple - being a big big player in the industry - still has some rather unattractive offwhite and grey spots in their promotionvideos, our video is just stainless. Even the reflection on the floor is visible. This enables us to use graphics that continue behind the person. Known as Bluebox or Greenscreen Effects, these technique looks even better when shot on white - but it is also more difficult and more work.

The Technique of isolating on white is perfect for companyvideos and -presentations. The presenter talks directly into the camera - reading the text from a teleprompter. That avoids long shooting periods and also tremendously reduces the preparation time for the presenting person.

It´s about time for your presentation video - contact us and acquire new customers soon.

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