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Instruction manual of an electostimulation device on DVD - our most complex project so far.

Compex is the market leader in the area of electrostimulation. The interactive video instruction manual on DVD included 6 languages and an extraordinary complex menu structure, leading the customer through every aspect of using the device - from filmed electrode placements to exact step by step instructions on how to use each of the 6 consumer devices the company offers. The data was so huge, we had to produce two double layer DVDs. The success was amazing. Customer service suddenly had way less requests, and customer satisfaction reached new hights.

Especially with products like these that need extensive explanation and usually come with 100s of printed pages as an instruction manual, a videomanual is the solution. The consumer saves time and trouble - satisfaction increases manifold and user errors are tending towards 0. All that combined with word of mouth develops sales, compensating the expenses of the video in the first few months.

Offering videoinstructions even before purchase as webvideo increases customer satisfaction even more and sets your product apart from the competition. The customer feels well taken care of, even before he thinks about purchasing.

We guess it is time for you to make use of these positive effects. Contact us - we will guide you all the way.


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