Amri Photo

The webvideo for Club Faru Island Resort was one of our first video projects.

2004 we created the website for this resort and the management gave us plenty of rope. We decided that we need to give video a shot. Starting out with a crane might not have been the easiest choice, but hey, we are not the easy guys. Additionally we used a huge HD underwater housing. Our clients and the visitors of website and resort equally liked the video and it helped the island to become popular pretty fast - despite the proximity to the male airport.

This fast success on the video sector made us set special emphasis on videoproductions thereafter.

In tourism it´s important to create some sequences - just like in this video - before a resort or hotel opens its gate for visitors. On the one hand you have much more possibilities that way, on the other hand you are much faster in creating the footage from the storyboard when you don´t have to take care about other tourists. Time is crucial when you want to show perfect weather in your shots, because sunshine alone is not enough for perfect results. You need clear air and a saturated sky.

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