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Youtube is the second largest search engine after google. PLUS: Youtube belongs to Google. Those two facts make it vital for every company to create and present videos on Youtube. Today more and more (mainly younger) people use youtube instead of google. No wonder, it is much faster to watch a short video than reading pages of manuals, etc..

Youtube Ads

Ads on Youtube are becomming more and more interesting for companies. Have you thought about creating your own youtube add video?
There are big advantages: it is comparatively cheap, you can define a target group much better than with traditional media and reach them with the perfect advertising video. We help you create your youtube video add and with it not only save on marketing budget, but also gain new customers.

Yourube videomanuals - the future of customer service

Looking at the intro paragraph, everybody has to understand how the future will look like. In a few years from now, no serious company can live without videomanuals on youtube. Printed manuals or PDF downloads are nice to have, but the future belongs to those companies that go with the trend rather than insist on how they did things in the past. Customers will soon be looking for well structured, entertaining videomanuals and buy the products for which they are available.
Video manuals are one of our main focus. Having worked in the training area after we studied sports science, we love to make complex things look easy. We know how to create videos that not only look good, but are also entertaining and easy to understand.
Back in 2004 we created our first videomanual on DVD for a medical company. The result was an interactive DVD with many manuals and submanuals to create an easy navigation for the user. That not only increased customer satisfaction but also saved resources and money for customer service.

If you present youtube videos on your website, you will rank higher on google

Today pages with embedded youtube videos rank higher in google searches. And it is getting even better. Youtube results are shown very prominently under the first few results of a google search - with a small thumbnail that will more likely be clicked than a simple text.

It is comparatively easy to rank higher in youtube

Compared to google it is rather easy to rank high in a youtube search. Don´t underestimate the power of the world second largest search engine. 

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Theramaid produces tapes and other therapy products. The right use of the tapes is very important. Many potential customers that bought from other companies before are searching for info about how to place the tapes. And they find Theramaid and will likely buy their products next time.
Youtube video manual for tapes

Our own project in progress. A youtube photography course. Youtube video productions are perfect to explain complex topics, using graphics and a presenter. Many example show that there is money to be made with a youtube channel.
Youtube Photography Course

Berthold creates high class logistic solutions. A well produced image video gives potential customers a great overview of the professional attitude of the company and their products
Youtube image video Berthold GmbH

Kohlbacher is producing and selling houses and appartements. The first impression is the most important one and a simple video shows more than many pages of catalogs can. We are currently creating a new image video for them to show the process of building a house from the very first groundbreaking to the hand-over of keys
Youtube video house interior